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This is an official website of Boparai Kalan, a village of Damdami Taksal
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Time in Boparai Kalan

Boparai Kalan is among the famous villages of Punjab. It is located in the District Ludhiana , near Sudhar and is 8 km away from Mullanpur and 15 km from Jagraon (Ludhiana-Ferozpur Road). This village is famous in sikh world as Sant Sunder Singh ji Bhindrawala (11th head of Damdami Taksal and Banee Bhindraan Sampardia) went to Sachkhand from this place. At the times of  Sant Sundar Singh Ji Bhindrawale and Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawale, Boparai Kalan was the center of Damdami Taksal activities. Gurudwara Sachkhand was built by Brahm Gianni Sant Sundar Singh Ji and acting as a school for religious studies, till date it has produced countless number of Granthis, Katha Vachak and religious preachers as well as the Takhat Jathedars. Boparai Kalan is among the leading villages in the field of education as well. It has produced a number of Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and Sports figures. The village population is about 8000. Along with Schools, Ayurvedic Dispensary, Veterinary Hospital , it has 25 beds Sant Sundar Singh Memorial Hospital. The village has modern high tech funeral home which has 4 body storage units serving the whole area. Recently water works system  is completed, which will supply water purified by RO technology to every house of the village. Village NRIs are living in every corner of the world and are playing a major role in the development of the village.
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Shed is constructed at Maree chowk with the help of village NRIs and village people. To see more Photos please click here to join us at Facebook
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I am from Ludhiana and got your email from I read that there is a solar power plant been setup at your village .. I wanted to go and see it ... is there any one whom I can contact for more information on that... Jaskirat Singh


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I am very happy to see your website and congratulate you for so much your great achivements for your village. I also want to setup a website of our village,please guid me i shall be very thakful to you....mehar singh gurm

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my heartiest best wishes to you and all ur family members, friends, and all around you. may all ur dreams come true..manjit sekhon

Baba Ji Bikram Singh and Dignitaries of India                                                    Baba Ji Bikram Singh and Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Go to OLD MEMORIES SECTION to see more memories of Baba Ji Bikram Singh Deol

Solar Lights at Boparai kalan
With the help of NRIs of Boparai Kalan and team 11 Lights are installed at various locations of the village. team collected 2.5 Lakh from village NRIs to support this Project. We are thankful to all donaters for supporting this Project.

The Solar Street Lighting selected is the best in the Indian Market and houses 3500 Lumes (equal 300W regular bulb) low-pressure Sodium Oxide (SOX) lamps that emit bright, monochromatic light and is ideal for applications that require higher visibility. Powered by solar energy, these standalone streetlights of 6m height above ground provide reliable dusk-to-dawn lighting • Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation •  Battery backup providing 3 days operation without Sun

Gram Vikas Sanstha honored the NRI's for their contribution in the village development. In a simple but very impressive function at Sham Shan Ghat. Gianni Bhupinder Singh Ji gave Siropas to the NRI brothers and thanked them for supporting the village development works.

Repair of Primary School

Last Year with the efforts of team, the Gram Vikas Sanstha started the work of repair of Primary School. We are thanful to S. Jaspal Singh Lambardar who donated $5000 at our request for this cause, which were sent to Gram Vikas Sanstha.  Later S. Major Singh Deol donated Rs 1 lakh to us for this Project. We are thankful to him as well.
On Left side you can see some recent pictures of this project of  the Repair work of Primary School that we adopted jointly with Gram Vikas Sanstha and there is lot of work which is being done.

We ( team) worked very hard to raise funds for this project and Gram Vikas Sanstha is doing a great job by managing the funds. We the team and Gram Vikas Sanstha is committed to provide transparent account details of every penny we recieve for the village development works. Gram Vikas Sanstha can be reached at these numbers: Master Nirmal Singh: 271575 (India) S. Satpal Singh Deol: 9781700917 (India) Master Ram Singh: 271517 (India)
The Pictures Below tell the story that in what a misreable condition the Primary School was in.......

More & Older News can be seen in "Village News" Section

If you are looking for the information on Sarangis made at Boparai Kalan Please Click Here

Special Annoucement About "Sikh Lehar Students" program adopted by Gram Vikas Sanstha

Many friends have asked us to put the information about the Projects undertaken or which are under consisderation for the help of poor families in the village. The responsibility to run these programs is given to the Gram Vikas Sanstha.

Here are the highlights about the program.
Sikh Lehar Students program consists of three parts.
1. Financially help the intelligent children from poor families of the village. Inorder to do this Gram Vikas Sanstha provide scholarship (Rs 100 every month) to every the kids of Govt. Primary School and Govt. High School, who attain first, second and third positions in their class. Total 30 Kids recieve this Scholarship.
2. Promote religious education among the children in order to keep them away from drugs. Gram Vikas Sanstha honor the kids on monthly basis (about Rs 200/month to each kid) who go to Gurudwara Sahib to learn Gurbani. Total 75 Kids go to Gurdwara Sahib daily.
3. Help the poor families in the marriage of their daughters. The Gram Vikas Sanstha will arrange the marriage at Gurudwara Sahib and langar will be served at Gurudwara Sahib by the Sanstha. (this part is under consisderation that whether it should be run seperate from "Sikh Lehar Students" or under the umbrella of "Sikh Lehar Students" Program)

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