Boparai Kalan
This is an official website of Boparai Kalan, a village of Damdami Taksal

Dear fellow Natives of Boparai Kalan, 

With God’s grace we have started the work of building this website for our village. The main motive behind this effort is to bring the natives of Boparai kalan on same page and share the village activities around the world. One of our objectives to build this website is to save our village history forever, so that our coming generations especially in foreign countries can become familiar with their village. We are committed to build this website and provide information without any kind of discrimination or Party basis. We humbly request you all that if you have material related to the village and its history, please send to us so that it can be shared with our fellow villagers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all especially S. Inderjit Singh, S. Aparjit Singh, S. Navtej Singh and S. Navraj Singh who are helping us to make it a useful website for our village.

We are also thankful to our promoters because they are the ones who realized the need and are supporting us financially in this project.

S. Aparjit Singh Deol
Er. Simranjit Singh Deol
S. Jagjit Singh Deol
S. Dalvinder Singh
The Founders of
Er. Simranjit Singh DeolS. Aparjit Singh DeolS. Jagjit Singh DeolS. Dalvinder Singh

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