Boparai Kalan
This is an official website of Boparai Kalan, a village of Damdami Taksal

My Moments

This Gallery is designed for our viewers, so that you can share your moments with your parents, friends and relatives without others viewing those. Everybody is welcome to create their private gallery. You can send us your videos or photos and we will post, password protect those and give you the password that you can share with your dear ones.

Family Photos of Major Singh Kular

Photos Tirath Deol.......Call Tirath Deol at 250-624-3994 to get the password

Photos of Party at Boparai ---Call Gurpreet (Kala) at 9914000935 or Kukla at 9855300855 to get the password

Gurinder S Sanghera Gallery... Call Gurinder for the passwod

Sayheray Bandee at Navraj Singh Kukla's House

Amar Deol

Lohree Celebrations at Boparai Kalan

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