Boparai Kalan
This is an official website of Boparai Kalan, a village of Damdami Taksal

Prominent Figures
1. Heros of My Village
2. Highly Qualified Personalities
3. Another Honorable Figures of Village

Heros of My Village
(People involved in the strugle of freedom and in the strugle of Sikh nation)
Prepared by S. Dal Singh Jagpal and edited by S. Balwant Singh Jagpal
Gaddar Lehar

Master Kirpal Singh Deol
S/o Narain Singh
(father of major Kulwant Singh, Jaswant Singh and Gurmeet Singh
At 19 years of age recieved life sentence, sent to kali Pani and all property seized
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Khark Singh Deol (Khaim Singh) s/o Gandah Singh at age 14 received life sentence.
(Detailed history attached: Kirpal & Kharak Singh)

Santa Singh Jagpal s/o Diwan Singh (father of Jaswant Singh ) returned from Vancouver to participate in Movement) sentenced to house arrest.
Partap Singh Jagpal s/o Phuman Singh (brother of Prem Singh f/o Lachhman Singh) Exiled
Kamagata Maru

Basant Singh Deol (Santa) s/o Sultan Singh (father of Chanan Singh)
Natha Singh Kainth s/o Sudh Singh, tailor Pala Singh Deol s/o Lehana Singh (brother of Principal Iqbal Singh) Jaati Singh s/o Bhan Singh, born in 1884, imprisoned in 1914 for 1 yr
Morcha Guru Ka Bagh
Jamadar Bhan Singh Deol s/o Gurdit Singh (Kuchhwale)
Gopal Singh s/o Karam Singh, tailor (father of Pritam Singh)
Bhai Asa Singh Lal (Pritam Singh Akali) s/o Wisawa Singh, Mistree
Morcha Bhai Paru
Dalip Singh Deol s/o Gujar Singh
Jaito da Morcha
Students from Guru HarGobind School:
a. Jathedar Jeet Singh
b. Lachhman Singh Jagpal s/o Prem Singh (father of Darshan Singh & Pritam Singh)
c. Bhajan Singh Deol s/o Rattan Singh (father of Sarpanch Tarlok Singh)
Sant Ajaib Singh s/o Narain Singh Bhai Mohinder Singh (Waryam Singh) s/o Narain Singh
(brother of Sant Ajaib Singh)

Jamadar Dalip Singh Deol s/o Makhan Singh, born in 1908 , imprisoned for 10 months in Nabha Jail

Bakhtaur Singh Deol s/o Makhan Singh, born in 1911 (father of Harbhajan, Hardial & Harbans Singh), imprisoned for 1 yr. in Nabha Jail

Baba Dasounda Singh Deol s/o Bir Singh (father of Sukhdev Singh Gr. Father of Apparjit Singh) imprisoned on Sept. 1st. 1924 for 11 months & 11 days in Nabha Jail
Bhai Bachan Singh Deol (Gurmukh Singh) s/o Gurdit Singh born in 1895 imprisoned 1 yr. 10 days in Nabha Jail. Sikander Singh (Gurbachan Singh)
s/o Nand Singh
Bhai Asa Singh Lal (Pritam Singh Akali) s/o Wisawa Singh, Mistree
Naa Milwartan Lehar (Non Co-operation Movement)
Prem Singh s/o Wisawa Singh, Mistre
Bhart Chhado Andolan (Quit India Movement)

Bhai Randheer Singh Deol s/o Kehar Singh (father of Inderjit Singh), hati Wale born in 1920 also involved in Satyagrah in 1941, suffered 8 months in Ferozepur & Ludhiana Jails.
I.N.A. (Indian National Army)
Ajaib Singh Deol s/o Bishan Singh (Adi Chuck), born in 1913, Lt. Naik in Indian Army, Mountain Regiment, Singapore, joined I.N.A in 1942 – 1945 in artillery. Joginder Singh Mahant Harbhajan Singh Deol (Talee wale) Bachint Singh Maurh s/o Jagan Singh (Dhale Ka)
Morcha Punjabi Suba Jindabad

Principal Iqbal Singh Deol s/o Lehna Singh
Tara Singh Deol (Hati Wala)
Karnail Singh s/o Jagat Singh

Sohan Singh s/o Jagir Singh Kala

Mehar Singh s/o Jagir Singh (Dhattan wala Khoo)
Bant Singh s/o Kishin Singh ( Sudhar wale Bariye) Amar Singh s/o Bagga Singh (Raunak Singh) Major Singh Jagpal s/o Shiam Singh
Garanthi Harbhajan Singh
Punjabi Sube daa Morcha

Principal Iqbal Singh Deol s/o Lehna Singh

Karnail Singh s/o Jagat Singh
Bhai Mastaan Singh s/o Raunak Singh Biker Singh s/o Jagan Singh

Amar Singh s/o Baga Singh (Raunak Singh)
Mrs. Dalip Kaur w/o Bachitar Singh Deol (mother of Joginder Singh) Mrs. Gurnam Kaur w/o Cheta Singh Jagpal Mrs. Bachint Kaur w/o Gurbaksh Singh ( father of Balbir Singh Numberdaar)
Giani Bhupinder Singh Manjeet Singh s/o Pritam Singh
Stars of My Village
(Top rank holders, highly qualified Professionals, Bachelor degree holders before 1950's,  Master degree holder's Before 1970, Double Masters or Phd holders after 1970)
Prepared by S. Maha Singh Deol, Dr. Harminder Singh Deol and S. Satpal Singh Deol

Dr. Davinder Singh

Dr. Kartar Singh Deol
S/o S. Chetha Singh Deol
Civil Surgeon- Burma Govt.
Founding Memeber Khalsa Girls School (Girls High School these days)

Dr Hira Singh Deol
Retd. in 1932 as Lt. English Army
Dr.Jewan S.Deol
Health Officer
Faher of Advocate Sudarshan Singh
Dr Dashuanda Singh Jagpal
Dr Arjun Singh
Captain Army
Dr. Santa Singh
Dr.Gurmel S.Deol
Dr.Vikram Singh Boparai Dr. Jaswant Singh Boparai
S/o Dr. Vikram Singh
Dr. Balwant Singh Sandhu Dr. Baghwant Singh Sandhu DDMS
Director General of Medical
Indian Military
Dr. Mota Singh Bibi Gunwant Kaur Managat
Civil Surgeon Ropar
Dr. Balak Ram
Father of  Sh. Jaswant Rai
Dr. Bishan Singh (Veterinary Doctor) Dr Sardar Singh (Veterinary Doctor)
S/o S. Bishan Singh
Dr. Kartar Singh (Veterinary Doctor)
(from family of Master Iqbal SIngh)
Dr. Nahar Singh (Veterinary Doctor)
Dr. Sher Singh (Veterinary Doctor)

Master Gurbax S.Deol
Head master Khalsa School Sudhar and Ex-Sarpanch

Principal Iqbal S.Deol
Ex-MLA and Morcha Dictator Punjabi Suba Morcha
Founding Principal Khalsa College Sudhar
Founder of Khlsa School and College
Sen vice pr4esident Akalidal

Dr. Harbhajan S. Deol, Phd
Memebr PPSC, Administative member PSEB and Commissioner of Linguistic Minorities in India (with its  headquarters at Allahabad) 
Dr Harminder Singh Deol Phd
Retd. DPI Punjab (2000)
Principal Govt. Collage Ludhiana, Faridkot and Malerkotla.
Manager Punjab State Swimming Team for 12 years.
Dr. Gopal Singh, Phd-Zology(London)
Retd. from Govt. College Ludhiana
Madam Ham Latta
W/o Dr. Gopar Singh
Retd. Deputy Director Punjab Education Department
S. Jaswant Singh Deol
S/o S. Kirpal Singh
Masters in Geography (1953)
Retd. Principakl Govt. College Hamirpur, Himachal.
Dr. Gurdev Singh Deol, Phd-Political
S/o Jagan Singh
 Science (Gaddar Party)
Retd. from Govt.College Ludhiana

Dr. Swaranjeet Singh Deol, Phd,
GHG Khalsa College Gurusar Sudhar
Dr. Jagmail Singh Jagpal
Phd (Geography)
Brother of S. Pritam Singh Jagpal

Principal Nachhattar Singh
Son of S. Lakha Singh Deol
Principal Retired, Industrial Training Institute (ITI) - 1985

S.Sudarshan S.Deol (Advocate) S. Jagdev Singh Boparai (Advocate)

Babbu Uttam Singh
Engineer (Civil)
Founding Memeber Khalsa Girls School (Girls High School these days)

Babbu Channan Singh Deol
SDO Irrigation Department
Father of Babbu Bachan Singh and S. Surjan Singh

S. Tajinder Singh Deol
S/o Sudarshan Singh
Senior Engineer
Punjab Electricity Board
S. Pritam Singh jagpal
GM, Coal Mines, Dhanbad
S.Gurcharan Singh Deol-SDO (Irrigation Dept.) S. Sarwan Singh Deol
S/o Mihan Singh
Commander Works Engineer- MES
(Retd in 1971)
S. Kamikar Singh Deol-SDO
S/o Mihan Singh

S. Pritam Singh-Engineer
Brother of Dr. Davinder Singh
S. Mangal Singh Sandhu
Engineer- Kenya Railway
S. Hardial Singh Sandhu
(Wadi Havaliwalaa)
S. Kishan Singh
Babbu Channan Singh
S/o Chagar Singh
(Father of S. Ujjar Singh Calcuttawala)

S. Bikram Singh Deol
S/o S.Santa Singh Deol
Textile Engineer
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Dr. Amar Singh
S/o S. Malkit Singh
Ex- Chief Sec. Madya Pardesh
Now Sec. Rural Development - India Govt.

S. Jaswant Singh Deol

S. Hirdayjeet Singh Deol
S/o S. Jaswant Singh Deol (Tehsildar)
S. Kishan Singh
S/o Dr. Hira Singh
Deputy Director Co-opertaive Societies Punjab Govt.
S. Mohiner Singh Deol (SDM)
S/o Babbu Bachann Singh

S. Karnail Singh
(Jan 20, 1943-Setp 14, 2008)
Father: S. Kartar Singh
Mother: Mata Nehal Kaur
Colonel Kulwant Singh Deol
S/o Master Kirpal Singh
Memeber International Control Commission for Vietnam War

Lt. Colonel Kuldeep Singh Deol
S/o S. Sarwan Singh Deol
Lt. Colonel Manmohan Singh Lt. Colonel Gurdial Singh Deol
S. Manjeet Singh Deol
S/o Col. Kulwant Singh
Wing Commander
Indain Airforce
Dr. Bachan Singh (Major  Indian Army)
S/o Dr. Hira Singh
Major Ajmer Singh
S/o Dr. Arjun Singh
Major Bakhtawar Singh Jagpal

Lt. Colonel Sarbjit Singh Deol
S/o Head Master Surjit Singh Deol
Corps of Engineers ( Bengal Sappers )
Dec 1975 to Aug 1996.

Jemadar S. Anup Singh Jagpal
 S/o S. Jiwa Singh Jagpal was one of a few early commissioned officers from our village. He attained the rank of Jemadar, a rank used in the British Indian Army, for a Viceroy's Commissioned Officer (VCO), one of a few ranks at that time given to non British officers in the Indian Army. He served the British Indian Army from 1888 to 1923 primarily based in Burma.

Another Highly Honarable Figures

Mata Pritam kaur
W/o Subadar Sarwan Singh Sanghera
First Volunteer Teacher for Girls education

Bibi Dalip Kaur
First Headmistress of Girls School at Boparai kalan.
She did selfless serve throughout her life and worked for the education of Girls.

Baba Dasunda Singh Ji
Very Close to Sant Sundar SIngh Ji and highly respected in the village
S. Kartar Singh
S/o S. Sham Singh

S. Gurdial Singh Deol
S/o S. Bikram Singh Deol
NRI from Toronto activily involved in village development from 1972
  • Started Barssi in Toronto for Sant Sunder Singh Bhindrawale in 1994
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Pandit Nam Parshad
Involved through out his life in the village business deals.

S. Kartar Singh
S/o S. Jagat Singh

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