Gram Vikas Sanstha Accounts from period April 01, 2009 to April 30, 2010


Collection from freezer services Rs 2,07,750.00     Details Attached
Collection from Burner services Rs 2,52,00.00        Details Attached
1. Vancouver Sangat Rs 2,00,000.00
2. USA Sangat Rs 1,24,220.00    Details Attached
3. Major Singh Deol Rs 1,00,000.00
4. Toronto Sangat Rs 44,450.00    Details Attached
5. Local Sangat Rs 31,385.00    Details Attached
6. Interest  PNB: Rs 31,197.00
7. Interest PNB: Rs 41,877.00
8. Interest Axis Bank: Rs 12,601

Total Income Rs 8,18,680.00


Expense on Freefer Rs 1,07,872.00   Details Attached
Expnese on Burners Rs 33,350.00    Details Attached
Ambulance (Van) Rs 2,37,300.00    Details Attached
Generator with Shed in Govt. High School Rs 97,000.00    Details Attached
Pull Construction on Boparai to Sadhar Road (canal) Rs 92,240.00    Details Attached
Water Cooler in Samshan ghat Rs 28,960.00    Details Attached
Plantation in Sham Shan Ghat Rs 4,644.00
Expense on building (Shed) Rs 20,774.00      Details Attached
Track Suits given to Players Rs 6,960
Photograph Rs 4,700
Bank Fees: Rs  3,439.00

Total Expense Rs 6,37,239.00

Balance Sheet

Opening Balance
Cash in Hand- Nil
Saving Account in PNB: 61,872
Saving Account in AXIS: 17,000
Fixed Deposit in PNB: 5,25,000
Fixed Deposit in AXIS: 85,000

Total Income Rs 8,18,680.00
Total Expense Rs 6,37,239.00

Closing Balance:
Cash in Hand Rs 74,512.00
Saving Account in PNB: 1,49,699
Saving Account in Axis: 23,501
Fixed Deposit in PNB: 5,25,000
Fixed Deposit in AXIS: 97,601

Sikh Lehar Students Program.

1-12-2009 to 30-6-2010

Collection.........RS 95,880------Detail Attached
Expense.........Rs 38,916--------Detail Attached

Cash Balance.........Rs 56,964............Detail Attached